MyRelaxer Instructions for Use

Using MyRelaxer in the proper manner is important:

For your safety

To achieve the desired

Before using MyRelaxer:

Be sure you do not have loose lower front teeth. If you can move your lower front teeth with your tongue or with your finger/thumb, DO NOT USE MyRelaxer. Read all safety information below.

The Relaxation Stretches are The gentle stretch may feel so great that you will be tempted to stretch more vigorously. Don’t! That may cause some jaw stiffness as you overstretch these critical muscles. Start slowly and go Gently.

The goal is to relax by stretching your jaw muscles AND focusing on the breath and the relaxing feeling that will come. The goal is not just a jaw stretch, but a relaxation that is achieved partly by stretching your jaw.  An important distinction.

All Relaxation Stretching practices are best done initially when you are alone and will not be interrupted/distracted for at least a Be creative about where you create your One Minute for Yourself. MyRelaxer works in the car and elsewhere, although it works best when you are not multitasking and can focus on the breathing, stretching, and relaxing.

Repeated gentle relaxation stretches are the program with MyRelaxer and they will be There is no need to use anything other than gentle stretching. Forceful stretches are absolutely discouraged as you may cause injury to yourself. One small gentle step at a time. These will be additive and more effective over several days. Remember: Use only GENTLE traction when performing the relaxation stretches.

Warning: if you have periodontal issues (gum problems), loose lower front teeth, or wear lower dentures this product should not be used. If you have a history being treated for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ), the best and safest results can be obtained under the direct supervision of your healthcare professional. We always want safety first. Your healthcare professional may add the use of MyRelaxer as part of your overall treatment plan.
If you have migraines, please go slowly. Sudden changes from stress to relaxation may trigger a migraine attack, and the MyRelaxer is a powerful tool against stress. Do not adjust medications or other routines on your own without healthcare provider oversight. Just add the MyRelaxer use and the Tool- kit tips to whatever you are doing currently. And go slowly. Relax in one minute, that’s all.
Caution: All stretching is to be done in a GENTLE manner. You may feel the gentle stretching, but do not overstretch to the point of discomfort or pain. If pain occurs, discontinue use immediately. You were too aggressive with the stretches.

Why MyRelaxer is Safe to Use:

The downward force is directed along the vertical axis of the lower front teeth by the patented design. Your teeth experience this type of force from eating. Hence the handle should be under your chin and the shaft of the MyRelaxer should be lightly touching your chin. A FORCE in any other direction WOULD LOOSEN YOUR TEETH.

You have control. Going slowly, you will sense the tightness in your jaw muscles as you began to stretch. When you feel that don’t go further for a few seconds. After 15-20 seconds, your jaw muscles begin to really relax. Don’t tug harder because it feels so good. Even and gentle pressure is the game.

Opinion of leading medical professionals that this device is safe. “Having control is the key to safety. The feedback loop will preclude injury.”

History of safe use amongst thousands of people using earlier versions of MyRelaxer.

Cleaning instructions:

The black tooth piece may be cleaned with a toothbrush. Do not place in a dishwasher. Place the MyRelaxer in the case when not using it.

Basic Relax And Refresh Routine:

Start with simple relaxation stretches and perform these at least three times a day (morning, noonish, and evening suggested). Each relaxation stretching session will take approximately 1 minute. Also stretch/relax during your break at work, before lights out at night, and any time you feel tense.

The goal is to relax. Concentrate on how the gentle downward tension causes tingling in your jaw muscles when stretched, and how this tingling gradually changes 20-30 seconds into the exercise so that it seems as if the tension is leaving your body. It is!

Sit comfortably with head erect and back relatively straight. Elevate your nose slightly so that you are looking upward a bit.

Briefly wiggle your feet and relax them. Continue the relaxing feeling up your legs into your pelvis and abdomen, then your chest and arms and shoulders. Roll your head around and loosen your neck.

Place the MyRelaxer soft tip on the top of the lower front teeth (directly on the biting edge). The patented design places the handle directly beneath the chin so that the downward traction is more or less parallel to the vertical axis of your teeth and gently pull downward allowing your jaw to drop and the muscles to gently stretch out. DO NOT RESIST WITH YOUR JAW.

Take slow, easy, deep breaths through your nose while stretching so that your belly distends somewhat. Concentrate on the smooth flow of air through your nose and the slight tingling in your jaw muscles from the gentle stretches. Keep it simple: “Flow of air … tingling … stress leaving.”

Slow, easy, gentle, and gradual are your watchwords. Please avoid enthusiastically overdoing the stretch and attempting to remove too much tension at once.

Stretch/Relax for approximately one minute. Gradually release the traction and consciously smile for a second or two. Notice the absence of tension in your jaw area that was present before this routine. Give yourself an ear to ear smile. You are now relaxed and refreshed

That’s it!! You are done with one relaxation stretching Feel better?

On the MyRelaxer website you will find:

The One Minute Micro Meditation video to help guide you step by step on how to get the most of your

Additional Relaxation Routines

Advanced Stress Buster Relaxation Routine

Additional information to help you eliminate or reduce the impact of stress and headaches.

The MyRelaxer Website and Lessons provide general health information for educational purposes only. The information on this website is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, cannot diagnose or treat any health condition, and does not substitute for care from your own in-person physician. Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your own primary care physician or other healthcare providers.


Right side stretch X 1 for 3 measured breaths

Left side stretch X 1 for 3 measured breaths

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