MaxRelax Routine

Get the Basic Relax and Refresh practice down.

Practice and master the Measured Breathing routine, and then go for the “MaxRelax.”

It is simple:

  • After Basic stretch/relaxing for 20-30 seconds, just add a yawn or two to the downward stretch and feel the relaxation kick in. A yawn will come very easily by visualizing yourself yawning while stretching.
  • Continue to stretch/relax for a full minute.

It really gets awesome when you are stretching and the yawns just keep coming (without your effort or thought). You can almost feel those calming neurotransmitters raining down on your brain telling your body you are in recovery mode.

Note: You may injure yourself if you yawned repeatedly without the stabilizing effect of a MyRelaxer. We recommend yawning when stressed and you’ve forgotten to bring along a MyRelaxer but not repeatedly on purpose.

  • After your yawn, visualize calming neurotransmitters bathing your stressed-out brain and whispering to your brain to go into recovery mode in a calm, relaxed state. (This is actually what is happening!!)
  • Continue the stretching for a full minute.
  • Remarkable. Kick your RELAX TIME up a notch with the MaxRelax routine. Smile at the end.


That’s it!! You are done with one relaxation stretching session. Feel better?

Now, do you realize how you really NEED your RELAX TIME? Your Minute.

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