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Meet Dr. Richard Fulton, M.D.

“There is no honor in being better than someone else, but there is true honor in being better than one’s former self.”

Dr. Richard Fulton has passionately been informing and guiding people to feel better and be better for over 40 years.  As a  physician, the well-being of others has always been his priority and purpose. By taking his knowledge of how the body works together as a complete unit, he expanded upon that basic premise. He began gathering specific insights and scientific data about how our stress, emotions, lifestyle habits, and our response to challenges impact our well-being.

He found they are deeply connected and knew he had to share this powerful information with others so that they could begin to reduce their stress, boost their immunity, heal themselves, and ultimately feel better.

When we feel better, we are able to show up and be better, and enjoy life. Creating a positive impact close to home and on a global scale.

Dr. Fulton has long been fascinated with the safest, most efficient, and effective way to treat human beings. This led him to become a prolific inventor with over 60 medical patents worldwide to improve the lives of his patients and others in the medical field.

He has put his years of experience, expertise, and passion into the MyRelaxer system so that he can help you reduce stress, improve health and immunity, and thrive in your life.

There is so much misleading information on the internet these days that makes it hard to determine what is healthy and what is a scam. Most people don’t have the training to know what is fluff or noise, so they either don’t take action at all or they feel swindled by a “miracle cure” offer.

Dr. Fulton has done the scientific research for you on the proven steps you can take to feel better, control that overwhelmed feeling, and boost your immunity all contained in a stepwise program that is simple, effective, and time-efficient for your busy life. Becoming your advocate and guide in the ever-changing world we live in.

Lower your stress.

Relax in under 5 minutes.

Boost your immunity.

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The MyRelaxer System helps you immeidately begin reducing your stress, boosting your immunity and enabling you to bolster your health.

Learn and Take Action

The MyRelaxer system comes with a daily dose of evidence-based strategies that naturally strengthen your immune system and your resistance to stress. Helping you pack an extra punch against viruses and even the common cold.

Live better, be better and thrive.

The MyRelaxer System empowers you to improve your well-being, release stress, and relax during times of stress and chaos so you can thrive.

How it works

Dr. Fulton, using his years of study on the effects of stress, helps you to build a resilient immune system while helping your body and brain relax.

Happy clients say:

The daily Lessons are great and really help.

Helps me get to sleep.

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4 Easy Steps To Improving Immunity

 In this free eBook, Dr. Fulton condenses his extensive literature research to help you improve your immunity and diminish stress. Helping you take control of your health and well-being during these trying times by using evidence-based strategies. This simple and time-efficient approach will help you create resilience to stress and boost your immune system to help you prepare for future challenges.

At MyRelaxer we empower you to take control of your health quickly, easily, and safely through science.

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