Measured Breathing Relaxation Routine

MyRelaxer Measured Breathing Relaxation Routine

You will benefit from practicing measured breaths before combining it with the MyRelaxer. Initially, practice the measured breathing maneuver below without the MyRelaxer, get comfortable with it, and THEN incorporate it into a MyRelaxer Measured Breathing Relaxation routine.

Sit erect in a “dignified” but relaxed position. Elevate your chin slightly. Gently close your eyes.

Breath in very slowly and gently through your nose to a count of 4/5 (4-5 seconds) distending your belly. Focus on the air moving through your nostrils and into your lungs.

Hold for a count of two.

Breath out gently to a count of 5/6.

Pause for a second and repeat: slow in, pause, slower out.

Feel Better? Your heart rate has slowed, your mind has stopped racing, and your parasympathetic system (relax, recover) has been activated.

Now, combine the Measured Breathing with a MyRelaxer relaxation stretch and the One Minute Micro Meditation.

Elevate your nose/chin slightly. Place the MyRelaxer on the top of your lower teeth and use gentle downward traction while performing the Measured Breathing.

You can use the One Minute Micro Meditation video as well.

This combination provides a deeper level of relaxation. Aaaah!

Measure breathing has been used for centuries (and still is) to calm one and promote ParaSympathetic activation and steer you away from the Fight or Flight state in which you may be stuck. It is powerful and even more powerful when combined with a MyRelaxer stretch practice.

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