Gratitude: The Life Enhancer We All Need More Of

SLEEP is simply the BEST THING we can do for our wellbeing for the short and long term. A good night’s shuteye can make us more attractive, more clever, slimmer, happier, healthier, and ward off those colds and flu viruses.

Today, we will add a sleep enhancer and a “life enhancer” to the mix: Attitude and Gratitude. Science has shown that gratitude is a key to happiness and happiness makes good things happen. Gratitude promotes positive outcomes including higher incomes, better relationships and marriages, better physical health and energy, a bolstered immune system, and even longer life. And — you just feel better when grateful.
Gratitude results in a positive attitude which allows us to overcome challenges we may not even want to address without it. And that positive attitude allows us to achieve all the wonderful outcomes above and many more.STRESS is THE major immune buster.

Research has shown that “a person who experiences gratitude is able to cope more effectively with everyday stress…” So, arm yourself with this powerful weapon against stress. (Details are available in the attached pdf, BTW.)
Your major goal is to diminish or limit the immune busters of life, and one proven strategy is to simply embrace a positive attitude and gratitude. In his book “Choose the Life You Want”, author Tal Ben Shahar, Ph.D., of Harvard, reports on research that has repeatedly proven that:

“When we appreciate the good in our lives, the good grows and we have more of it. The opposite, sadly, is also true: When we fail to appreciate the good — when we take the good in our lives for granted —the good depreciates.”

Let’s let the good grow in our lives. It will diminish stress, augment our immune system, promote positive outcomes, and protect us from the incoming stressors that bombard us continually. We may need to encourage it a bit, and that is the reason we are on this path: To learn about the Four Pillars of Well-Being and develop skills to strengthen them so we can improve our lives.
One great proven way to let the good grow in our lives is to first think of how we may be blessed despite all of our challenges, including the current day coronavirus threat. These may start with the simple items that we never really consider: being born and living in a war-free country and having food, shelter, and safety. We all should be grateful for these basic needs. We have other things to be thankful for such as family, relationships, and the ability to determine our own future. So, let’s be thankful.
We can make a mental note of them, but they won’t stick with us. Writing them down in a notebook (outlined below) is a better way to experience gratitude. It will take less than a minute, and the reward will be tremendous.

Our Feelings Follow our Actions

Proven over and over. Huge concept. Our actions determine our feelings. Put another way: Just do it and you’ll feel it. So, act positively and you will also be rewarded with a positive feeling. Say “Hello” pleasantly every chance you get to strangers (from a safe distance, of course). Respond positively to all interactions and you’ll find a positive feeling that bolsters your spirit. Act as a positive person and you’ll become one quicker than you can imagine. Embrace a positive attitude to be on your way to resilience. Knowing about it is good but practicing it will benefit you immensely.

The Bottom Line

Attitude is an important building block for the rest of the journey. It will make everything easier. If you choose to have a positive attitude, most everything else in life will fall into place.


  • Practice your Consistent Sleep Schedule. Review if you need.
  • Practice your Go to Sleep strategies and
  • Go Back to Sleep strategies.
  • Read the “Keys to a Better Life” article here.


“Remember: Practice positive attitude and gratitude during non-trying times so that you can call up this powerful weapon when trying times do occur.”


Today’s #1 Task

Record the three or four things you are grateful for in a notebook prior to turning out the lights. Make this a habit, and even flip back through your lists when feeling anxious or stressed. This works! And studies show you will sleep better too!

  • Get the notebook
  • Get a pencil
  • Put both by your bed
  • Record every evening before lights-out

Remember: Gratitude and Positive Attitude diminish the effects of stress (and boost one’s immune system):

Scientifically proven: Yes!
Easy to accomplish: Yes!
Time-efficient to accomplish: Yes!
Will you choose to do it? Yes!___ No__

Today’s #2 Task

Always say “Thank You,” at any opportunity you may have. Being sheltered in place may not provide as many opportunities, but do it every chance you get (emails, posts, phone calls, etc.). It does us good to give thanks and it will bolster the immune system to the beneficiary or your gracious action. Again, make it a habit and you’ll make it a fabric of your being. (Actions determine feelings. ACT grateful to BE grateful and access this wonderful “Life Enhancer.”)le Advanced settings.

Today’s #3 Task

Continue implementing the Feel Better items listed in the eBook.

Gratitude and Positive Attitude are easier and become effortless when you are relaxed. Find ways to relax a bit with music, meditation, or whatever pushes your relaxation button.

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