Your First Step on the Path

You’ve taken the first step on the path to bolstering your immune system and controlling stress with evidence-based strategies — and feeling better while enduring the unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves. This path will help control your mental stressors and the life style stressors that deplete the immune system better than ever.

 Here’s how you can get started on your journey immediately

(this first day will be the most time consuming, btw):

Commit to Developing A Sleep Routine

  1. If not done so already, read the Immunity Booster Strategies eBook: Simple Scientific Strategies ebook

Time: 10 minutes

Commit to Developing A Sleep Routine

  1. Read the article on
  2. Sleep.Commit to developing a sleep routine that fits you. We cannot emphasize enough that adequate sleep is key to improving your life in many ways, including boosting your immune system. (Even if you routinely get 7-8 hours of sleep, employing these tips will help your sleep quality, which will improve your life more than you can imagine.)

Time: 2 minutes

Be thinking of how you may create your own perfect sleep schedule with definite lights out and awaken times.

We will drill down on the specific techniques and strategies beginning tomorrow. In the meantime, be thinking of how you may create your own perfect sleep schedule with definite lights out and awaken times.

This will be a step-wise, evolving process. But we need to evolve to a definite lights-out/awake time over the next week even though there are obstacles in the way.

Rent some space out in your brain to be thinking of how you can best construct this new sleep schedule. “Everything is “Figure-out-able.”


The Bottom Line

This will be a path, and we will begin by taking the first step — committing to getting started. Plenty to come, so get started building your foundation today.

Immunity Lesson 8


“The hardest part of doing anything is getting started. So, jump in now and take the next step to feel better by committing to the path.”

 P.S.  Joy’s Pearls: Joy is our little smiling cloud. She will leave you with a “pearl” or “take away” to remember after every lesson. Here is her first bit of advice.

Today’s #1 Task

Commit to the path of taking control of those things that are under your control. We have the strategies. We need your commitment.

Today’s #2 Task

Rent out that space in your mind to consider how you can best implement the strategies in the eBook and those to come. “Everything is Figure-Out-Able” with a plan. Choose at least three strategies to implement today.

Today’s #3 Task

Download a FREE step-counting app for your phone and track your steps. Science has shown just having the app is inspiration to get started and keep moving. Walking is a secret sauce. Record your steps and then increase by 10% each day.

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