Solidifying your Foundation

IMMUNITY LESSON 1 It is Time for You to be a Hero

If you were to grade yourself on Mastery of the Four Pillars of Well-Being, how would you grade yourself?

Please take this Self Test:

  1. You know how important Sleep is to your well-being and how vital it is to keeping the Migraine Triggers under control.  Do you have a consistent lights-out time?  Yes____    Not yet ____
    1. Review Lesson 4 on sleep
    2. Sleep Blog
  2. Do you regularly practice the strategies for daytime, early evening, prior to bedtime, after bedtime and during those 3 am wake-ups?  Yes____   Working on those___
  3. Do you choose to have a positive attitude during the day and spend a moment each day being grateful? Yes_____   Most days______
    1.  Gratitude Journal
  4. Do you make a habit of moving frequently during the day?
    1. Are you mindful of your posture?
    2. Do you use measured breathing to calm yourself when over-stressed?
  5. Are you convinced that you can Eat to Feel Better?
    1. Are you limiting that kryptonite and inflammation producing sugar and simple carbs?
    2. Keeping processed foods to a minimum?
    3. Eating on a regular schedule, so your body knows you care?
    4. Eating well before bedtime so your sleep will be more effective?


What is the common denominator of Better Sleep, Attitude, Movement, and Eating to Feel Better?


  1. These stress reducing habits are FREE!  And they are EFFECTIVE!
  2. They are also Simple, Time-Efficient, and Affordable.
  3. All limit stressors on your body which limits the stressors on your mind.
    1. Each Pillar will enhance your ability to respond to stressors better, avoid that overwhelmed feeling, AND they all work together or symbiotically with a Multiplier Effect that makes them even more effective.

Now is the time to redouble your efforts in each of the Four Pillars.   This journey is for the rest of your life.

Can you envision your future when you remember a time in 2020 when you gained control over the stressors in your life by simple lifestyle habit changes?   

You can have that memory of how your life improved.  Fewer disruptions and more confidence about approaching the future?  More enjoyment with your family?

Joy’s Pearl:  “Now is the time to re-double your efforts to Master the Four Pillars so you can Master your Life.  Simple.  Time-efficient. FREE.”

The next section of the Be Better course is exciting as we build on your foundation with even another almost magical calming and stress reducing “medicine” that you are now ready to take.  Without a good, solid foundation, these next steps may be challenging.  With the Four Pillars foundation, they will be easier to achieve. 


” Now is the time to re-double your efforts to Master the Four Pillars so you can Master your Life.
Simple. Time-efficient. FREE ”

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