Don’t Go Back to Caveman Posture



Don’t let your computer/smartphone create a modern caveman out of you!

Can you imagine a caveman posture with their shoulders rounded forward, head shooting out over their torso, a hunched back, and it’s all because of overconsumption of our modern world of sitting + screen time.

Don’t let that become YOU!

If you are noticing out of the corner of your eye that your side profile is slouching more than before, then here are some strategies to counteract the modern caveman posture from taking over.

  • Set a timer to limit sitting + screen time
  • Increase your postural awareness
  • Counteract the inevitable screen time with a simple, life-saving stretch

The Why

Researchers are calling prolonged sitting the new “smoking.” The fact is, our bodies are designed to move. Ask yourself, “Would I rather drink water from a raging river or a stagnant pond?” When we sit, we stagnate, when we move, our body thrives (well, it’s one significant part of the equation). So, let’s find some ways to get the work done, but not cause our health (and posture) to suffer.

The How

  • Set a Timer- If we can get up and move for every 25-30 minutes of sitting, (for only a quick 2-5 minutes!) we can counteract the effects of sitting for that time period. Grab a drink of water, do some air squats, or combine with the recommended stretch below.
    > Go to for a free timer to use while on the computer, or
    > Use your smartphone’s timer.
  • Increase Your Postural Awareness-  The new fad is the sit/stand desk. It truly is a great investment. Splurge for it if you can. When sitting, switch chairs or grab a physioball (swiss ball/ exercise ball) to sit on. Variety is key
  • Head neutral – eyes level with the center of your screen. Have a co-worker be sure your head isn’t tilting up or down.
  • Shoulders down and back (imagine tucking the tips of your shoulder blades into your back pockets).
  • Rock onto those sit-bones. Sit upright so your lumbar spine curves slightly forward.
  • Relax your arms to a 90-degree bend and be sure your wrists are also in a neutral position, not elevated too high or low.

THE Y-T-W-L Stretch.

(NOT Y-W-C-A from the Village People, but close.) For each arm position (letter) you will have a specific stance. Simple. Time-efficient. Will relax most of your core muscles. Win-win. Just do it! Feel the difference.


  • Engage your core muscles by bracing your abs.
  • Pull your shoulders down and back so it feels like you are trying to bring your shoulder blades close together on all positions.

The Y

In the correct stance, hold your arms up over your head. Point your thumbs directly behind you. You want your arms as straight as possible, so no bend in your elbows if you can. Start by holding each position for 5-10 seconds and work up to 15-30 seconds in that one position.

The T

Next, move your arms to the T-position. As you keep your thumbs pointing behind you, allow your arms to drop horizontal with the ground. Again, get your arms as straight as possible, eliminating the bend in the elbows as much as possible. 5-10 seconds and work up to 15-30 seconds.

The W

Drop your elbows down towards the ground. Thumbs point behind you. 5-10 seconds and work up to 15-30 seconds. Envision putting your shoulder blades in your back pockets.

The L

Bring your elbows into the sides of your body like you are making a 90-degree angle with your arms. Thumbs point behind you. You know the drill.

Today’s #1 Task

Postural awareness is the name of the game. Review at

Today’s #2 Task

Use the Y-T-W-L Stretches when you take that needed break every 25-30 minutes. You’ll feel much more refreshed when you return to your task.


“Remember: Life is motion, motion is life. Sitting = stagnation.
Increase your Energy + Vitality with the Y-T-W-L Steps!”


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