It is Time for You to be a Hero

IMMUNITY LESSON 1 It is Time for You to be a Hero

WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM in the world today with the coronavirus pandemic.

It is a HUGE challenge that threatens our physical, mental, and financial health. And, it will not be over in the next several weeks or months. But, there are quite a few (evidence-based) strategies we can implement NOW to address that challenge. And the three purposes of the Simple Scientific Strategies/2nd Line of Defense initiative are:

  • To empower you so that you are able to
    control the things you can control
  • To provide these evidence-based strategies to you
    in a time-efficient and easily digestible format
  • To provide a roadmap of how best to implement these strategies to bolster your overall health for the coronavirus crisis and beyond.

Preventive measures and strategies are the first line of defense and they should be immediately implemented and rigorously followed with a “mindfully paranoid” attitude. You have likely adopted some if not all of these. We will reinforce these and add new ones as they become apparent.

The second line of defense is the focus of this initiative and it involves simultaneously boosting one’s immune system while diminishing the stress caused by this surreal story that is unfolding. And, we need to feel better in the process. All three of these goals need to work in harmony for the best results. That is the purpose of the eBook and the One Minute daily lessons.

Our Internal Army

Basically, we need to muster our “internal army” to defend us. If our first line of defense is breached, our virus fighting and health promoting immune system (our “internal army”) will be called upon to respond. Our internal army is composed of all kinds of different immunity “soldiers” (T-cells, Killer cells, phagocytes, etc., as well as innumerable substances, hormones, enzymes, messengers, and on and on). These all need to be as robust and capable of defending our bodies as possible so IF we do contract the virus, our
immune system/internal army will be optimized to respond most effectively.

The virus preferentially attacks those with a suboptimal immune system, so our job is to strengthen ours to be functioning as well as possible and ready for the potential conflict with the virus. Our internal army/immune system’s effectiveness diminishes with advancing age, even if we are more or less “healthy.” The “soldiers” or components of our immune system army are just not as robust and vigorous as they once were. This age group especially needs to take steps to optimize their immune system or internal army.

Stress — The “Other” Invisible Enemy

Another group that likely has a suboptimal immune system is those that experience a great deal of stress (distress) in their lives. The coronavirus crisis is producing stress in most everyone, but particularly in those Front-Line heroes that keep us healthy, fed, and protected. These are the healthcare workers, first responders, food supply chain workers, fire and police departments, and on and on. They are being exposed to the enemy while working hard to provide for the rest of us. They are concerned with contracting the virus themselves as well as transmitting it to their families.

Stress is kryptonite to the immune system and mood, and harmful to every other system in our body. Limiting the effects of stress will prevent further deterioration of our internal army, prevent excess anxiety, headaches, worry, and internal conflicts, and also allow us to feel our best even when there are certain circumstances we cannot control.

How do we bolster our immune system while keeping stress at bay?

It is actually fairly simple.

We will take you through the steps by providing the Simple Scientific Strategies eBook (Free) which will jump start you on the path to “Optimal Immunity/Reducing Stress/Feeling Better.” We will follow this with a 21-day course of time-efficient One Minute lessons to optimize you for the long haul we are facing. These lessons will be delivered daily to your inbox.

Simple Scientific Strategies

These are based on the Four Pillars of Well-Being: Sleep, Attitude, Moving, and Nutrition. We will jump into that in tomorrow’s lesson.

We are faced with an invisible enemy. We can protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our society by stepping up to be “pandemic soldiers” by committing to installing a First Line of Defense and following this with a robust Second Line of Defense.

Then, we can transform from being victims of the pandemic to being Heroes.

Buckle up. The journey is beginning. It will be interesting and enlightening.


“It is time to be that Hero! A “pandemic warrior” hero. It will not be that difficult.”


Today’s #1 Task

Read the first half of the Simple Scientific Strategies eBook here.

Today’s #2 Task

Review the latest 2nd Line of Defense update here and begin implementing those items

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