Why it Matters and How It Works

How the MyRelaxer Works

Watch this video to see how the MyRelaxer tool works to reduce stress.

The MyRelaxer Works In 3 Ways



It stretches the jaw muscles relaxing them just like stretching any other muscle in your body.  It also partially relaxes other muscle groups in your body just as stretching any muscle group will also tend to relax other muscle groups.  Relaxed muscles = a key to relaxation.


It triggers a Relaxation Reflex similar to a yawn initiating a cascade of neurotransmitters and neurohormones that tell your body you are in “recovery mode”rather than a stress mode and this process relaxes and calms you.


The three-minute Relaxation (and Stretching) Sessions actually a Guided Micro-Meditation with measured breathing that slows your brain down a bit and activates your parasympathetic nervous system to relax you.

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MyRelaxer System Includes:

MyRelaxer Device

• Gently stretches and relaxes jaw muscles
• Triggers a Relaxation ReflexTM similar to a yawn
• Calming neurotransmitters released
• Transforms body and mind from stress to “recovery” mode
• Calm and relaxed within minutes

21 Day Course to Control Your Stress + Boost Your Immune System

• Easily digestible One Minute Lessons
• Delivered to your inbox/phone daily for 3 weeks
• Scientifically proven strategies to a better immune system and stress control
• How to implement these strategies into your busy life

MyRelaxer App (Coming soon!)

Everyone who purchases the MyRelaxer System will be given free access to the MyRelaxer App when it is released.

• Daily reminders
• Guided “One Minute Micro Meditation” video
• Your own progress tracker

30 Day Money Back Guarantee — For additional Information view our Refund and Return Policy.

DO NOT USE If you have periodontal issues, loose teeth, or lower dentures. If you have a history of TMD/TMJ, read the discussion here.

Protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,545,195 and multiple pending U.S. and foreign patent filings.

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